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At Superior Sealing Solutions we are experts at concrete repair and protective services for residential and commercial projects. We put extra effort into the planning and execution of our jobs so we can be mindful of timelines, budgets and the desired result.
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Setting The Industry Standard

Redirecting water and protecting your structure is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution. If not done properly, small cracks and abrasions can lead to large issues for the structural integrity of your building overt ime. It is important to take the preventative measures with a skilled and knowledgeable waterproofing staff like Superior Sealing Solutions to avoid these problems all together.

If there are already cracks in the foundation, retaining wall, pillar, floor or any other concrete element on your build, we will repair it. Our staff has the training to inject and seal any crack that may lead to costly repairs in the future if left untouched. We are your one stop shop for waterproofing in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Toronto’s tough winters and rainy springtimes require the best waterproofing solutions available. Our Superior Sealing Solutions include Blindside or Pre-Applied Waterproofing, Conventional Waterproofing like Bentonite Waterproofing and Remedial Waterproofing solutions. We have a solution for every floor, wall and roof!

Damp Proofing

Our team of damp proofing professionals will ensure no moisture seeps into the interior spaces of your commercial or residential building. Increase the longevity of your building with a methodical damp proofing solution from Superior Sealing Solutions.
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Traffic Coating

If you need a pedestrian, vehicular or specialty coating that keeps moisture out, we have you covered. Our coatings are specially designed to waterproof concrete slabs and protect surrounding areas from water damage in parking garages, walkways, roofs and more!

Coring and Cutting

We have all the necessary tools to get your core drilling or concrete cutting project completed. Whether you’re installing fibre optic cables or a ventilation system in a new high rise building, we can handle the job in a quick and efficient manner.
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Serving The Greater Toronto Area

Toronto's Waterproofing Experts

We are conveniently located in Durham Region (Bowmanville), which allows us to handle all jobs in, and around, the city of Toronto.
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